Family Owned and Operated since 1994
Licensed, Insured and Bonded

Family owned stump grinding business in Washington StateGreetings! My name is Robert Loeder. After years of commercial fishing in Alaska and subsequently owning/operating Puget Sound Landscaping, I started Sno-King Stump Grinding in 1994 to provide quality stump grinding service in Snohomish and King Counties.

My landscape construction experience and love of gardening often help me to better serve my clients. I am always careful and mindful of the foliage and root infrastructure of surrounding plants. And I am always concerned with what my client wants to do in that area after Stump Grinding. Do they plan to repair the lawn, plant a new tree, put in a vegetable garden or park an RV there?

Once I see the big picture and know my client’s plans for that area after stump grinding, I can recommend the appropriate target depth. Grinding the stump to the correct target depth is the critical prerequisite to the success of the subsequent project and insures that my client’s outcome for that area after stump grinding is realized.