Emergency Tree Service – We are available 24 hours a day during wind storms!

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Emergency Tree Service is something we have provided for quite some time. Quality Tree and Stump Grinding Service to Snohomish and King county residents since 1994. We also complete a lot of projects for local municipalities. We also work with utility companies and businesses, and many local residential clients. We are a family-owned and operated business. Over the last two decades, we have responded to hundreds of Emergency Tree Service calls.

Emergency Tree ServiceDo You Have an Immediate Hazard, including a Tree on Your House or Car?
Emergency Tree Services include trees on structures and across streets; noticeable cracks and splits in trees; cracks in the soil due to upheaval; a sudden, significant lean of a tree; and detached limbs hanging in a tree’s canopy.

Each situation is unique and we must be careful to create a good strategy. Often trees blow over and lean onto a house. This is very traumatic for families, who are often sound asleep when the tree comes crashing onto their homes. We mobilize quickly with boom trucks, cranes, and decades of experience with rigging trees that are often hanging precariously on a structure.

Once we have rigged up the tree to remove the danger of a sudden shift, we work quickly to remove the tree from the structure. Then we install a tarp to temporarily restore the weather integrity of the roof until my (or your) roofing contractor can mobilize and begin repairs. We work directly with your insurance company if you wish.

You can rest easy knowing that Snow King Stump Grinding will remove any fallen trees and remove anything that has the potential to cause more damage. We know that even often time this is something that can really cause an inconvenience. We seek to alleviate this Emergency Tree Service incident in a quick professional manner.