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Stump Grinding Bothell

This is a Stump Grinding Bothell project we did for a client in Bothell, Washington. We started by addressing a large Douglas Fir stump with extensive surface roots that was dominating the front yard. We methodically tilled through the areas inundated with surface roots. Periodically, we pulled back the stump grinder to sift through the debris and remove all the chunks of roots and stage them for removal in piles. After the surface roots were eliminated, we proceeded to grind the stump down to a target depth that greatly exceeded the agreed upon 6 inches.

Moving down the side of the house and towards the backyard, there was a medium sized Maple stump along the neighbor’s fence. The stump had mounded up the surrounding earth with “ground swell,” which is substantial root mass in addition to the stump which we needed to grind. There were also numerous lateral surface roots jutting out across the pathway to the gate. Once again we tilled the surface roots first. Then we proceeded to grind the stump and root mass to a target depth of 12 inches below the grade. The extra depth is necessary for Deciduous trees as they are still alive and will send up new growth if we do not grind them thoroughly to eliminate that life force.

Stump Grinding backyard access

Finally, we proceeded through the narrow gate by temporarily removing the outside wheels on either side of the stump grinder’s dual wheels. This clever design feature allows us to pass through a 36 inch opening and gain access to backyard stumps. There were two Deciduous stumps from fruit trees. They were still alive and generating new suckers. So after taking the tops off with my chainsaw, we proceeded to grind the stumps down to a target depth of 12 inches below the grade. This will stop the stumps from generating new growth and allow our client to repair and reclaim his lawn in that area.

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