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Stump Grinding Edmonds

In this stump grinding Edmonds project, the stumps were located in the backyard. The only way to mobilize our stump grinder was through a 36″ wide gate. Our equipment is cleverly designed to pass through a 36″ wide gate. The machine has dually wheels on the front. This provides the machine with excellent traction and more stability for the heavy boom and cutter wheel. The outside wheel on each side is designed for quick removal, which allows us to pass through the narrow opening. Once on the other side of the gate, we can quickly put the wheels back in place and have the necessary stability to move forward with the stump grinding project.


Once in the backyard, there were two stumps to grind. The first stump was in an area where the client wanted to plant grass to tie in with his existing grade. First we tilled up the numerous surface roots jutting out from the stump. Then we focused on grinding the stump down to a target depth of +6 inches. This will allow the client to install a more than sufficient foundation of topsoil in preparation for the new grass. This is critical for the new grass to thrive. This target depth also insures that the new grass will tie in perfectly with the grade of the existing lawn.


The other stump was near the house and had a substantial root mass that was mounding up the earth around the stump. We refer to this as ground swell. It was important to grind this stump down deep to eliminate the ground swell so the dirt could be graded properly away from the bottom course of siding on the home. In addition, the client wanted to do some light gardening in the area after the stump grinding project was completed. So the target depth was set to accomplish both objectives.