When you choose the right stump grinding company, you can be assured of keeping your trees and landscape in a healthy and beautiful state. Choosing the wrong stump grinding company can lead to trees being damaged and your landscaping ruined.

When a tree is removed in your property, you are probably left with a stump that needs to be removed. Stump grinding can be done safely and effectively by an expert.

1. First the tree service you choose should have many years of experience.

2. Check the tree service companies references. Ask your friends and neighbors who they have used? for their tree removal and tree trimming services.

3. Ask for a copy of the tree service company’s insurance certificates. These certificates should come directly from the insurance agent. The tree service you choose should have both general liability and workers compensation insurance. ?Often times hiring a tree service that offers a very low quote could mean the tree service is not insured.

4. Ask about how the tree service intends to carry out the tree removal or tree trimming. Will they use a crane for ?tree removal? Will they drop the tree? Or will they free climb the trees using ropes and rigging?

5. Ask about their equipment. This is important because tree service including tree removal and especially ?tree trimming must be performed under controlled conditions. Having the right tree service equipment is ?vitally important to ensure safe tree removal and tree trimming project.

These are some key and very important tips for choosing your experienced tree service company. Sno-King Stump Grinding located in Washington meets and exceeds all of the above requirements ?to ensure you get all your tree service needs met in a safe and stress free way.

Sno-King Stump Grinding wants to be your choice for all? your tree service needs. Call us at 919-607-4139 or fill out our free estimate form today.