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Stump Grinding Mukilteo

The video and photos are from a Stump Grinding Mukilteo project we did recently in Mukilteo, Washington. Our clients, Don and Louise had two stumps in their front yard, one on either corner. Each stump had extensive surface roots. Don and Loise wanted us to eliminate all the surface roots and grind the stumps deeply to accommodate the large root balls of two new ornamental trees. They are considering between Dogwood, Ornamental Cherry, Magnolia and Japanese Maple. Those are all great choices, but they already have a nice Japanese Maple. I would go with the Dogwood and Magnolia. I have two Magnolias at my home. In the spring, they are covered with purple, tulip shaped flowers. When the flowers are done blooming, the rich, green foliage comes in. Then throughout the summer, wonderful purple flower surprises randomly burst open.

It was a bit of a challenge to get our stump grinding machine into position because of the landscaping block retainer wall around the perimeter of the front yard. I used some large timber blocks that I keep in my truck for such occasions. First, I use the blocks to step up the small end of the stump grinder and simply drive it up into the yard. The tricky part is getting the heavy end of the machine with the dually wheels and cutter wheel into the yard. I accomplish this by driving ahead until the wheels are up against the retainer wall. Then I position the boom to the side and lower it into the ground, effectively jacking up that side of the grinder. Now I simply slide a couple timbers under the raised wheels. When I raise the boom, the machine settles on the timbers which are stacked to a height equal to retainer wall. All that remains is to position the boom to the other side and repeat the process so both sides are now on timbers stacked to a height equal to the retaining wall. At that point, I can simply drive ahead into the yard.

We set up our plywood to contain any flying debris. Once underway, I focus on eliminating the surface roots first. Lastly, I grind out the stump. Our target depth on this project was 18 inches below the grade. Soon, this family will have two new, beautiful ornamental trees in the exact spots where the unsightly stumps used to be.

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