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Stump Grinding Services in Snohomish CountyOur Stump Grinder has a powerful 50-hp Deutz engine with a hydro-static cutter wheel drive. It’s designed to let the operator vary the swing speed independently from engine speed while maintaining maximum torque and horsepower. The propel system features Hi and Low travel speeds plus an integrated “creep mode” for precise handling while cutting. Our Stump Grinder has controls that are protected behind a shield against dust, water, and other elements. The wide hydraulic backfill blade saves time during clean-up and can easily be folded in for passing through gates.

There are generally no permits needed for Stump Grinding in Snohomish County. However, depending on your location, there may be required permits for complete tree removal. Please check with Snohomish County or The City of Everett for more information. It may also be important to consider underground utilities near the stumps to be removed.

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