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Stump Grinding Snohomish


This was a Stump Grinding project we did for a client in Snohomish, Washington. The stump was a large Douglas Fir with substantial lateral root mass. There was an opportunity to take a large cut with my chainsaw and reduce the amount of stump grinding and resulting wood chips. So I made the cut and further cut the round into manageable sized chunks that the client intended to process into firewood.


The stump was located on a raised tier in the back yard not far from numerous sliders and picture windows. So we utilized Plywood to contain the work area and prevent flying debris. The plywood is held up by re-bar posts that we pound into the ground. The upper tier location of the stump also provided an access challenge for the stump grinder. We could have utilized ramps to climb over the rockery. But out of camera view, there was a less rigorous path that we navigated by using some wooden blocks. We can partially raise the machine off the ground with the hydraulic boom and slide large wooden blocks under the tires, effectively raising the machine incrementally.


The stump was very large and the resulting abundance of wood chips was to be distributed by the client throughout the greenbelt area behind the stump. Additionally, some of the chips would be used as a thin layer of mulch to fortify the soil of existing native growth beds. The area where the stump was will ultimately be an upper tier grassy area. So the clients will install topsoil and hire a hydro-seed contractor.



This Stump Grinding Snohomish, WA video is one of many we have made and posted to our Blog.

Stump Grinding Service
Robert, You did an excellent job grinding my stump. I thought my stump would take you 2-3 hours, you got it done in 45 min. Plus you saved me all that time and money. I will be sure to recommend Sno-King Stump Grinding at
Written by: Jeff Hovander
Stump Grinding Service
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