Stump Removal Seattle – Evaluating a Stump Grinding Project

Stump Removal Seattle, Washington

Stump Removal Seattle, Washington

Before a stump grinding project I prefer to meet with the client on site and walk through the project with them but people are busy and often I will be right in the neighborhood at a time when the client is unable to meet with me. My second choice is for me to walk the site while the client attends via cell phone. This works well as I can narrate my observations and ask questions in real time.

I am always very concerned with finding out what my client wants to do after stump grinding. Do they plan to simply repair the lawn in the area where the stump was? Or are they going to dig a two foot deep trench and pour a footing for an addition? Perhaps they wish to plant a new tree where the stump is. A new tree can require a 2-3 foot hole to accommodate the new tree’s root ball. When I learn my client’s ultimate outcome for the area where the stump is, I can recommend the correct target depth. Often I will call in a utility locate request.

The bottom line is there is no formula or single approach that will work for every stump grinding project. And my plan, price and recommendations for a specific project all come into focus when I become clear what my client intends to do with that area after the stump grinding project is completed.

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By Robert Loeder